Great places for a beer!

The city of Edmonton is a home to the best known microbrewery in Alberta, the Amberís Brewing Co. Amberís Brewing Co. takes pride of its creative use of natural flavors in beers, while promoting eco-friendly production. The company recycles all of the energy used for cooling tanks and fridges to heat the facility. It also recycles a huge amount of cardboards and shipping plastics, donates recyclable glass and aluminum containers, uses glass bottles instead of P.E.T. or aluminum containers, purchases as much malt as possible locally so as to reduce CO2 footprint, donates malt to local ranchers for feed for their livestock, and utilizes enormous south-facing windows in its factory to acquire natural light.

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While Amberís Brewing Co. produces incredible hand-crafted beverages, a thing that the city should be proud of, it increases the implementation of green planet.

Aside from the famous microbrewery, Edmonton has a lot more to offer which includes the best places to relax, lay back, and enjoy a bottle of cold beer. Check out the following locations for your next beer stop:

The Black Dog Freehouse. It features the Wooftop Patio, Edmontonís only 2nd level, garden setting, full-service patio that overlooks Whyte Avenue. The recent addition of an enclosed second level adjacent to the patio provides an alternate Black Dog experience through all seasons.

The Next Act. It is a pub where local actors from the Old Strathcona theatre community hang out for a brew and a delicious meal. It does tend to get pretty busy in the evenings, especially during weekends, but if you show up early and have a bite to eat, you can find a place to sit and have a great time watching the scene unfold.

The Power Plant. Located in what used to be the University of Alberta power plant facility, this pub and restaurant now serves up beer, tasty food and great entertainment for the campus community and visitors. Friday night dancing takes second place only to the occasional live entertainment.

Side Track Cafť. One of Edmontonís premiere venues for live entertainment, the Sidetrack Cafť has been serving up great beer, food and music for twenty-five years.

Velvet Underground. Offering a lineup of live music and DJ nights catering to diverse musical tastes, from Indie Rock to Hip-Hop, Dance-Punk to Funk, the Velvet Underground is a great place to have a drink, get up and dance or check out the up-and-comers of the independent music scene.

So while spending your time around Edmonton, there are great places to hang out, plus there are lots of liquor stores to buy your favorite alcoholic beverages. But one thing is for sure, you can make Edmonton the best experience with just a bottle of ice cold beer.